We are a martial arts center new to the Cary area.

We have a world-class karate instructor (Sensei Mohsen Mahmoud) who has been practicing karate for 30 years and teaching karate for 23 years. He is a 5th Dan black belt in shotokan karate.

He has won many karate competitions in both kumite (sparring) and kata (forms) in several countries (USA, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Scotland, Lebanon, etc). Sensei Mohsen was trained on the Egyptian national karate team by Sensei Okamoto who was trained by Master Nakayama who studied under Gichin Funakoshi (the founder of Shotokan Karate)!

Shotokan Karate is a traditional Japanese karate. This is not a watered-down version, nor a modern take on ancient martial arts. What United Shotokan Karate offers is the real deal; an ancient martial arts form that is taught, practiced and recognized throughout the world.

There are numerous benefits to karate. Karate is an excellent way to gain confidence, discipline, and respect for self and others. The karate dojo (school) offers students a place to relieve stress and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Karate also offers a spiritual journey and interesting history for students who love to study and read.

Mo's Shotokan Karate, LLC provides a safe and respectful environment in which to study this ancient martial arts form. Sensei Mohsen's immaculate technique and teaching gives students an excellent background to start their karate journey or to continue on their path. He is patient yet demanding and makes class challenging yet fun. We offer classes for all ages: 3 years old to adults, and for all levels: beginners - advanced students.

Mo's Shotokan Karate, LLC also trains students to participate in competitions at the local, regional and national levels. Many of Sensei Mohsen's students have won regional and national championships. Competitions/tournaments are a great way to become involved in karate by deepening your knowledge and solidifying your techniques. Karate competitions are full of excitement and are great places to network, make friends and possibly walk away with trophies or medals!