Mo's Shotokan Karate, LLC. provides a warm and welcoming environment to practice karate. Whether you are an adult or a child United Shotokan Karate has a class for you! Classes are offered for children ages 3-6, ages 7-10, ages 11-15, and ages 16 through adult. Classes for the younger child focus on developing gross motor movement, and balance. Adult classes focus mainly on speed and power.

We offer classes for students who are new to karate and for those who are accomplished karatekas. The wide range of techniques in the Shotokan system assures that everyone has something to learn. All classes are taught by Sensei Mohsen who has 14 years of experience training karate champions. During class Sensei provides individualized attention giving each student the opportunity to practice and train under his expertise. The classes consist of kihon (basics), kata (forms), and kumite (sparring), not to mention strength training exercises. Shotokan kihon includes blocking, punching, kicking, and stances. Kata is a pre-set sequence of defensive and offensive techniques in which the student demonstrates proper positioning, power and timing. As a student progresses in rank the kata becomes more complex and difficult. There are two types of kumite, ippon kumite and free-sparring kumite. Ippon kumite consists of basic attacks and defensive maneuvers designed to teach tactic and control. Sensei Nakayama states that in free-sparring kumite there is no prearrangement of techniques. The partners are allowed to make free use of their mental and physical powers, but the student must strictly control his punches, strikes and kicks.

Throughout a student's progression the student not only gains karate skills but also self confidence, fitness, flexibility, muscle tone, quickness and strength. Sensei Mohsen guides each student to be their very best and to maximize their potential by capitalizing on individual strengths and addressing areas of weakness. He is also careful to ensure that each class is unique so students will never be bored. Sensei Mohsen treats everyone with respect during class and enjoys establishing personal relationships with families that join Mo's Shotokan Karate. Respect is a key element of karate and is expected of all students and Sensei himself.

Please stop by any time to observe a class. See our schedule section for specific days and times.